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Ava Addams and Her Glorious Tits

Ava Addams has long been one of my biggest fantasies. The woman has glorious big tits and exudes warm, Milf charm. If she were to smother me to death with those fun bags, I’d die happy and erect.

Yes, it’s true that she had work done and isn’t natural any more, but I’m not even mad. Ava has been doing porn for years, and there is a huge amount of pre-surgery content already out there. Inside of Brazzers, there is a ton of it, as well as stuff with her new tits. I’m good with both. Honestly, I will take Ava any way that I can get her!

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Cheaper than a Bangkok Street Whore and Infinitely Sexier

This is Alison Tyler showing off her incredible hourglass figure and delicious 36F chest. This 28 year old from California, USA is one of many amazing pornstars under the wing of the Puba network.

They don’t just host cream of the crop pornstars on solo sites though, they also dabble a little with some mainstream genre dedicated site such as Adventures XXX, Banging Pornstars and Face Pounders to name but a few.

You can get a yearly Puba pass for just $48 which grants you access to all of the sites under their umbrella. That is a total of 60 world class sites for the equivalent of $4 per month.

This might actually be the most impressive deal I have seen this year and that includes the new year’s specials.

You can also opt for a 30-day pass at $5 which quite simply is a steal.

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Natural Big Tits Make You Cum

There’s nothing better than grabbing a large handful of huge, au naturale boobs on a sexy chick; except maybe licking and sucking those nipples and perhaps burying your face so far in between, you get lost in the mounds of a beautiful, natural existence. Of course, naturally big tits are excellent for some awesome dick-sucking, titty-fucking experiences as well.

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Super hot ladies with natural boobies

Voyeur Porn is getting more popular these days, everyone loves to see some good looking girls when they take off their clothes in front of the camera and act like no one is watching. You just need to check out our amazing selection of pictures and super hot videos featuring some alluring voyeur models. These busty darlings are eager to show their massive juggs and you gotta love it. Nothing’s better than a hottie with a nice set of knockers. Our hotties are eager to show off their bodies and maybe you can even hook up with these shameless sluts…

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Can girls you meet on FreeFuckSite teach you about higher truths?

You’re probably laughing about the title of this blog post. Think about it, mixing higher truths like philosophy, spirituality, and higher states of being with a fuckbuddy – I mean, come on? You’re probably rolling your eyes, laughing, and probably are ready to close the window of your browser. Well, not so fast.


If you think about it, whenever you’re dealing with somewhat awkward sexual situations, it can be an opportunity to enter a gateway to deeper levels of self-understanding. If you’ve ever asked yourself why you were put on this plant or what the meaning of life is, I can tell you the answer. The answer is very simple. It is self-exploration. That’s the bottom line.


I’m not talking about physical self-exploration, although that’s a part of the equation. It’s mostly a spiritual self-exploration. In other words, you need to look at the world through your eyes, and look to patterns for it to make sense and truly get the fact that things happen for a reason. Things aren’t as random as they may seem. Things aren’t as pointless as you’ve been lead to believe.


It’s very tempting, if you’re a lazy thinker, to think that there’s really no rhyme or reason to human existence, but the only person you’re fooling if you think that way is yourself. You have to understand that there is some sort of reason, but it’s different for other people because the phenomenon changes depending on who’s doing the looking. This is called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.


You have to figure out your own conclusions and judgments. That’s what makes all of this exciting. This is what makes the human condition and human experience so exhilarating. It’s a personal thing. The problem is this is also the reason why it’s so frustrating for a lot of people because – let’s face it, most people are lazy. Most people would rather be fed some sort of higher truth that somebody else figured out. I hope you can see why this is pointless and stupid.


Think about it, does it make sense for you to eat by having somebody chew your food and spit it into your mouth? Not only is it disgusting, but it also defeats the whole purpose of eating the first place. Eating is not just for nourishment. Eating is not just meeting some sort of daily caloric quota. It’s something more than that. It’s about enjoying your food. It’s about having a relationship with your food. Do you see where I’m coming from with this?


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If you’re able to overcome these biases, just as when you interact with foreigners or people from different cultures, this is one step in the right direction towards greater personal enlightenment. I hope you can see the big picture. I hope you can see how these different small opportunities can lead to small wins that lead to you solving bigger puzzles in your quest for higher truth.

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