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Natalie’s Standout Nipples

Natalie's Standout Nipples

We really need to weigh Natalie‘s tits one day. Enquiring, obsessive minds want to know how much those beauties weigh. The water displacement trick is probably the best, most accurate way unless we can somehow get access to one of those high-tech bra-science labs like Angela White did several years ago. Right now, Natalie may be at the very peak of her boob magnificence. Compare Natalie‘s tits now to her tits in 2007. The difference is staggering. Prepare for the matching video to this pictorial in Voluptuous Theater. We’re still exhausted from her recent video, “How To Stiffen Nipples.” No, we are not complaining! Too much Natalie is never enough!

Natalie's Standout Nipples