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Month: November, 2010

Terri’s Big Skin sacks

Ideal Boobs

Terri is a kinky brunette kitten with a pair of humongous baubles that drive dudes absolutely crazy! Even Terri can’t keep her hands off those humongous wahwahs and whenever she gets the chance to tease a boy with those large fat skin sacks she doesn’t hesitate. Terri is much more than a nice pair of titties though, this hot angel has a delicious body with curves in all the right places in addition to her juicy fat milk wagons! Terri has the most delicious tight stomach and long and succulent legs but most of all this honey pie has those heavy tits!

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Penny’s Big Bumpers!

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Penny has always had the biggest wahwahs of anyone she knew, in fact even when she was younger in the locker room she would catch the other babes staring at her humongous breasts! Penny didn’t really mind it though, in fact she sort of liked the attention that her large juicy tits got her and it always made her fuck addicted to see anyone staring at them when she wore low cut tops! Penny always made sure to wear low cut shirts just to get the extra attention but when she heard from a friend of a friend that she could get a job showing off those heavy scones of hers she couldn’t wait to get started!

When Penny showed up for her first photo shoot and the photographer asked her to just do whatever came naturally for the camera she knew what would make him happy, it had made all of her boyfriends happy in the past. Stripping off to show those juicy baubles she walked out in to the kitchen as he followed with his camera in hand. He snapped away as she opened the fridge and pulled out two lumps of clotted semen and sat them atop her perky nipples!

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Lena’s Heavy Chunky Bra buddies

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Lena is a nice-looking brunette babe with the biggest juiciest milk cans that you’ve ever seen! She just can’t help herself from teasing those delicious mounds with a smile and even when she’s out in the park she can’t stop herself but it’s not as though the old guys feeding the birds mind seeing the show! Lena gives them the best show as she starts by teasing in her cute flowered sun dress. It doesn’t take all that long before she is doing more than just teasing in that dress, soon enough she is slipping out of that dress completely!

Just watch as Lena slips her dress down over her fat mambos and flashes those sweet pink nipples. Ignoring the fact that just about anyone could be watching she slips her dress up over her thick thighs and flashes her cute cotton panties. Pulling those panties aside she shows off that sweet shaved snatch and grabs hold of her chubby dripping tit! As she squeezes that titty her pussy gets wetter and wetter and soon she can’t stop herself from slipping out of that dress entirely! Next she has her panties slipped down over her thighs as well!

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Tia’s Slick T-Shirt

Ideal Boobs

Tia has a pair of big delicious milk cans that she just can’t keep her hands off! There really is nothing like a sexy Asian kitten like Tia with a pair of titties like hers, those slick pillowy pantoons just beg to get teased and even Tia can’t help but massage those big boobs whenever she gets the chance! Tia isn’t the only nice-looking big tittied beauty though, take a look around Ideal Boobs website and you’re certain to find hundreds of big tittied angels who just can’t wait to show you what they’ve got!

Take a look at these images of Tia as she shows off in her tight white tank top that clings to her big bazookas. As she slips in to the pool not only do her white panties get slick but so too do those big wet bazookas! As she flashes a smile she sinks down in to the water and that shirt clings to her chubby and perky nubbies! As she gets wetter that shirt sticks to her beefy pink nipples. As she slips out of the water she peels off those panties and shows off her nice-looking shaved vagina too!

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