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Month: January, 2011

Lena’s Big Corpulent Scoops

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Lena is a beautiful brunette kitten pie with the biggest juiciest boobz that you’ve ever seen! She just can’t help herself from teasing those delicious milk shakes with a smile and even when she’s out in the park she can’t stop herself but it’s not as though the old guys feeding the birds mind seeing the show! Lena gives them the best show as she starts by teasing in her cute flowered sun dress. It doesn’t take all that long before she is doing more than just teasing in that dress, soon enough she is slipping out of that dress completely!

Just watch as Lena slips her dress down over her bulky breasts and flashes those sweet pink nipples. Ignoring the fact that just about anyone could be watching she slips her dress up over her thick thighs and flashes her cute cotton panties. Pulling those panties aside she shows off that sweet shaved pussy and grabs hold of her corpulent dripping tit! As she squeezes that titty her pussy gets wetter and wetter and soon she can’t stop herself from slipping out of that dress entirely! Next she has her panties slipped down over her thighs as well!

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Busty Blonde Teeny

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Imogen hadn’t been working long at the decorating firm but it definitely wasn’t what she had expected it to be. She had thought that she would be spending her days shopping for people’s decor for their new homes but in reality she had spent the past few weeks stripping wallpaper and sticking tiles to bathroom walls. She was totally bored out of her mind with the whole thing. She had got herself in way over her head by signing a contract with her company and now she was afraid she’d be stuck sticking tiles for the next two years. As it turned out Imogen found a way to make work a lot more interesting.

Imogen decided to go to her next job at her bosses house of all places wearing absolutely nothing but her coverall. Dressed in just her coverall her massive whoppers rubbed against the plastic and her soft nipples got harder by the second. As her tight slit gets juicy the soft plastic coverall rubs against it and she gets even wetter. Finally when she couldn’t take the teasing anymore Imogen slipped out of her coverall to expose her bulky teeny nubbies!

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