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Free Sex Hookups – What Goes Around Comes Around

A lot of guys would think that websites that offer a local sex hookup are completely amoral. In their minds, these websites are basically free of morality. You can do whatever the fuck you want, you can fuck people over, you can be a complete and total asshole, and nobody would care. It’s easy to think this way because from mere appearances it would seem that this is the case. It would seem that these websites are just free-wheeling, open-ended experiences that everything pretty much goes.

Well, don’t let appearances fool you. You have to understand, that whenever you’re going through any kind of website that offer free sex hookups, they’re still dealing with a community of people. When you’re dealing with a community of people, community rules still apply. You might think that the community is so different, so fucked up, so strange and perverted that the old rules don’t apply, well think again!

First of all, these people are not perverts. There’s nothing wrong with them, there’s just exploring their sexuality. You know, if you’re looking to knit sweaters or make baskets there are communities for that. If you’re looking to fix cars, or serve the homeless, or feed the poor there are communities for that. However, if you’re looking for anonymous pussy in your area and you’re just looking for clean fun with no emotional strings attached this is your kind of community. And just like any other community there are rules. If you shit where you eat or you treat people unfairly or you fuckin’ abuse people, word will get around. It happens all the time. Guys who get tons of pussy at a website all of a sudden stop getting pussy. Why? They screwed community rules.

Again, it’s okay to fuck. Just don’t fuck with the community. These are two key rules that you have to keep in mind. And unfortunately, a lot of guys get all excited, they get all desperate, and they think that nothing’s gonna happen and they end up fucking themselves – figuratively.

You don’t want that to happen to you. You don’t want to be another statistic in the long, sad history of social rejects at online sexual communities. It really is too bad. There’s just so much pussy to get that you don’t have time being a jackass.