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Hirsute Brunette with Big Skin sacks

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Lia has a delicious pair of large baubles that turn heads wherever she goes. Lia has always been brawny but unlike most built honeys Lia has a big pair of tits to go with her delicious toned body. Lia not only has a juicy pair of noogies but she also has a full bushy bush that is next to impossible to find on any sexy babe these days! One of Lia’s favorite sports is boxing, she just loves the release she feels when she punches and blocks her way through round after round.

Take a look at pretty brunette teen Lia in her boxing robe and her boxing gloves. If she stepped in to the ring wearing this outfit there’s no doubt that she’d win the match! The soft satin robe against her smooth skin and a light breeze blowing across her delicious hirsute twat. Most of all Lia has those succulent titties out, so smooth and suckable with those perky pink nipples. Lia’s nipples are so sweet and perky with those little indentations that just beg you to run your tongue along them before popping her whole nipple between your lips.

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