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Penny’s Large Wahwahs!

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Penny has always had the biggest mambos of anyone she knew, in fact even when she was younger in the locker room she would catch the other chicks staring at her humongous titties! Penny didn’t really mind it though, in fact she sort of liked the attention that her heavy juicy breasts got her and it always made her fuck addicted to see anyone staring at them when she wore low cut tops! Penny always made sure to wear low cut shirts just to get the extra attention but when she heard from a friend of a friend that she could get a job showing off those large baubles of hers she couldn’t wait to get started!

When Penny showed up for her first photo shoot and the photographer asked her to just do whatever came naturally for the camera she knew what would make him happy, it had made all of her boyfriends happy in the past. Stripping off to show those oozy noogies she walked out in to the kitchen as he followed with his camera in hand. He snapped away as she opened the fridge and pulled out two lumps of clotted cream and sat them atop her perky nipples!

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